Friday, September 4, 2009

Madhuri Votra

· Age: 28
· City & Country: Hyderabad, India
· Marital Status: Single
· Home University: Osmania University, India
· Law Degree: I did 5 years LL.B Course in 2002 and I did my LL.M in Mercantile law in 2005. I also did Post Graduation diploma in Arbitration Law and I am in my last semester of a Master Program in Administration of Criminal Justice.
· Areas of Interest: Law of arbitration, contracts, criminal law, immigration law, and intellectual property law.
· Other Information: I took oath as an Advocate in October 31,2002. As an Advocate I attended both civil courts and criminal courts. I assisted my father who is a Joint Director for Directorate of Prosecutions. I was qualified in the written exam for Civil Judges posts in India.
· Hobbies: I enjoy drawing, and writing articles and books. I enjoy reading biographies (ex. Swami Vivekananda, Mother Theresa and many more who are experts in their fields). I love to read books on yoga, meditation, intuitive powers, astrology, numerology, and mythology. I love to listen to music and watch cartoons.

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